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By dbalon on 7/30/2013 1:23 PM
BEACH ACCESS UPDATE: Currently, the first 1.25 miles of Norton Point (maybe a little more) are open to Over-sand Vehicles. If you haven't been out here recently, there is significantly more beach open than there was last year. The beach is closed beyond that point because we still have a significantly colony of protected birds hatching out and rearing chicks, including Common Terns, Least Terns, Roseate Terns, and Black Skimmers.

On Cape Poge, the Gut and the Elbow are currently closed to Over-Sand Vehicles due to Least Tern chicks in those locations...however, the rest of the property and Wasque Reservation are OPEN. The extreme southern end of Leland Beach is roped off due to severe erosion, but permitholders are welcome to drive down as far as they can to the roped area. Just a warning: there is a limited number of parking spaces at the end of the inside trail to Wasque.

Remember: you can always call our 24-Hour Hotline at 508.627.8390 to hear about current Beach Access. If you have a question about tours or purchasing a permit, please call the Mytoi Gatehouse at 508.627.3599.

By dbalon on 7/29/2013 12:09 PM

OB Fishing Pier Update
By Dave Nash

As reported in the MV Times recently, work on the OB fishing pier was essentially suspended at the end of June.  Nelson Sigelman called this one right when he suggested that nothing comes in on schedule on Martha’s Vineyard.  I checked in with Doug Cameron this week and he updated me on their revised construction timetable.  The OB selectmen were unwilling to allow additional time beyond 6/30 for completion of land-based activities so work on the handicap access and the main stairway was suspended.  They were also prohibited from driving any additional pilings until after Labor Day so the only activity we are likely to see this summer is continuing work on the pier itself but essentially limited to framing and decking.  The contractor has been waiting for the delivery of timber materials.  Some additional pile driving for construction of the “L” at the end of the pier will take place in the fall but the pier is pretty much at its’ finished length. The contract completion date for the OB fishing pier is now October 30, 2013 so it looks like there will be no battle for the coveted “end of the pier” seat for this years derby.
By dbalon on 7/26/2013 12:48 PM
How they moved the Schifter house, step by astonishing step
MV Times
Michelle Gross
July 24, 2013

When Rick and Jennifer Schifter realized it was only a matter of time before the ocean that had drawn them to the remote southeast corner of Chappaquiddick would claim their treasured 8,300-square-foot summer house, they had a tough decision to make.

Built as a vacation retreat for them and their four daughters, changing currents and battered bluffs had left the Schifters with two choices. Demolish it, or move it.

Click here to read the full article.

By dbalon on 7/13/2013 11:14 PM
Gone Fishin' : Behind The Scenes, State Agency Provides Fishing Access.
Nelson Sigelman
July 2, 2013

The ability to access a fishing spot, or launch a boat, canoe or kayak is pretty important to many residents and visitors on Martha's Vineyard. Measured against our miles of shoreline, there are not as many opportunities as one might hope to find.

And from season to season there is no assurance that a familiar access will remain. Particularly, if it is dependent on the willingness of private property owners to share.

About three years ago in Tisbury, the Mink Meadows Association decided to lock the gate to its private beach 24/7 year-round. Prior to that, the gate was only locked in the summer to discourage late-night drinking parties. It was disheartening to lose convenient access to that stretch of beach even in the off-season.

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