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Martha's Vineyard Surfcasters
Martha's Vineyard
Surfcasters Association
P.O. Box 3053
Edgartown, MA 02539
By dbalon on 3/28/2012 3:52 PM

OB Pier Update

A frequently asked question from our membership is "when is the OB Fishing Pier going to be built?" Essentially we have to keep up the pressure on our officials to give the project a spot at the head of the project line. Already the Oak Bluffs Fishing Pier Advisory Committee and the MVSA board of Directors have sent letters to;


Mary B. Griffin, Commissioner

Department of Fish and Game

251 Causeway St. Suite 400

Boston, MA 02114




Richard K. Sullivan, Jr.


Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

100 Cambridge St.

Suite 900

Boston, MA 02114

But there is nothing like a big stack of letters and postcards to galvanize an official into action. Please take a moment to send a postcard or letter to these two individuals.

Ask  them to give our project a favorable consideration to be built this year. Ask that our Saltwater Fishing License fees help move this along. Tell them we want the kids  and handicapped residents of MV to have a safe place to fish. Let them know we are still very interested. Thanks, Will

By dbalon on 3/25/2012 11:49 AM
Bill Brine recently took an aerial tour of the Norton Point breach. He provided a link to his amazing photos. Many thanks from the surfcasters to Bill for keeping us up to date on Nature's work out there.

Click here to see all the photos.

By dbalon on 3/21/2012 12:19 PM
In the May–June 2011 magazine, writer Tom Dunlop delved into the history and future of the Norton Point breach. Here’s an update on what the opening and the affected coastline on Chappy looks like now. In just four months, Norton Point has advanced 1,500 feet to the east while the Chappy spit has atrophied but hardly moved. In this period, the opening between the points has narrowed from about 1,225 feet to about 260 feet.

Click here to check out the full Martha's Vineyard Magazine (March 2012) article.
By dbalon on 3/3/2012 10:30 PM
Beginning March 9th, thru to the 11th is the 2012 N.E. Saltwater Fishing Show at the RI Convention Ctr. in Providence, RI. This is a great show and one of the best shows in the New England area. There is a great lineup of seminars and hundreds of exhibitors. There is also plenty of custom lures and deals to peak your interest. The show has tackle, rods, reels, lures, electronics, charter guides, boats, motors, accessories, clothing and much more! There is also excellent parking with indoor access to the show.

Click here to be linked directly to the N.E. Saltwater Fishing Show website.
By dbalon on 3/3/2012 10:32 AM

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Division of Marine Fisheries

251 Causeway Street, Suite 400

Boston, MA 02114

(617) 626.1520
Fax (617) 626.1509

February 28, 2012



The Division of Marine Fisheries (MarineFisheries)~is collaborating with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to collect information on the Commonwealth’s recreational saltwater fishery to measure its economic value. In addition to providing important information about the socio-economic value of saltwater fishing in Massachusetts, this federally funded study will help to validate frequently used economic evaluation methods by applying an innovative direct approach in which some saltwater permit holders are presented with a cash offer in exchange for giving up their permit and thus the right to fish in marine waters for the remainder of 2012. Other permit holders will receive a survey asking for either their willingness to sell their 2012 permit for a particular price or their willingness to have paid a different amount for their 2012 permit.MarineFisheries~is issuing this Advisory to attest to the legitimacy of this angler permit survey, including the cash offers that some individuals will receive, and to assure its constituents that~in no way will the information from the survey be used to modify fees~for Massachusetts’ recreational saltwater fishing permits.

Participation in the survey is voluntary; however,~MarineFisheries~highly encourages your response based on the important information that will be gathered. Past studies on the contribution of recreational fishing to the Commonwealth’s economy have considered the number of jobs and the amount of sales and incomes that are supported by the expenditures of saltwater recreational fishermen, but have not included the value that anglers place on being able to go saltwater fishing. This type of information holds great worth; for example, it would be necessary for a comprehensive estimate of economic losses to the recreational fishery if for some reason Massachusetts’ waters had to be closed to fishing.MarineFisheries~is maintaining a list of~Commonly Asked Questions~ ~about the 2012 Massachusetts Saltwater Angler Permit Survey under the recreational permit page of its General questions about~MarineFisheries’involvement can be directed to Nichola Meserve ( Technical questions regarding the study should be directed to Quantech, Inc., the statistical analysis and survey research firm contracted by NMFS to conduct the survey. Please contact Daemian Schreiber at 800-229-5220 ext 7831,

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