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Martha's Vineyard Surfcasters
Martha's Vineyard
Surfcasters Association
P.O. Box 3053
Edgartown, MA 02539
By dbalon on 11/26/2017 5:23 PM
Check out the November 2017 MVSA Newsletter! It is once again action packed with all kinds of great information.

A special thanks to Ron Domurat for all his hard work and great newsletters of the past years. Ron has now passed the torch and Lisa Belcastro is now our newsletter Editor. Check out this first great edition for November by Lisa!

Click on the link below.

2017 November MVSA Newsletter.pdf
By dbalon on 10/27/2017 8:52 AM
MVSA Monthly Meeting
Edgartown Rod and Gun Club
Monday, November 6, 2017

Pizza at 7:00p.m.
Meeting at 7:30p.m.

New members are particularly welcome. This is a great time to meet people and get to know the club.

By dbalon on 10/20/2017 7:12 AM

Striped Bass Survey Shows Healthy Population Growth

October 16, 2017

Annual Young-of-Year Survey Tracks Spawning of State Fish

Photo of young striped bass in net for annual young of year survey

Results of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources 2017 young-of-year striped bass survey in the Chesapeake Bay shows the fish is reproducing in strong numbers. The annual survey’s index is 13.2, above the 64-year average of 11.7.

Striped bass, popularly known as rockfish, is Maryland’s state fish. The fish spawns in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries each spring. The survey is conducted annually to track the reproductive success of this important species and help predict future abundance. The index represents the average number of young-of-year striped bass – those less than 1 year old – captured in 132 samples. 

“Strong reproduction in three of the past seven years is an encouraging sign for the coastal population and future fishing opportunities,” Fishing and Boating Services Director Dave Blazer said.

During this year’s survey, department biologists collected more than 33,000 fish of 62 species, including 1,741 young-of-year striped bass. The most productive area surveyed for rockfish was the upper Chesapeake Bay, their largest spawning area.

Results of this year’s survey also showed high white perch reproduction in the upper bay and Nanticoke River. Additionally, the survey found American shad reproduction was above average, primarily due to its success in the Potomac River.

The department has monitored the reproductive success of striped bass and other species in Maryland’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay annually since 1954, making it one of the oldest biological surveys. Twenty-two survey sites are located in the four major spawning systems: Choptank, Potomac and Nanticoke rivers and the upper bay. Biologists visit each site three times during the summer, collecting fish with two sweeps of a 100-foot beach seine.

More information on the juvenile striped bass program is available online.

By dbalon on 10/16/2017 12:55 PM

MVSA Angler of the Year Standings Thru October 16th


Cosmo Creanga        15 Points


Jason Patterson        12 Points


Ron Domurat            12 Points


John Piekos            10 Points


Dave Balon             6 Points


Ed Amaral, Ralph Peckham, Tony Rezendes, Jim Cornwell, Janet Messineo, Dave Nash, 5 Points


Jonathan Cornwell         4 Points


Don Scarpone, Kathi Pogoda     3 Points


Peter Johnson             1 Point


October Leaders as of 10/16/17 (not official until 11/7/17


Striped Bass    Ron Domurat, 24.79 lbs., Jim Wareing, 19.62 lbs., Cosmo Creanga, 17.77 lbs.


Bluefish    Ralph Peckham 14.26 lbs., Brenda Beal, 8.36 lbs, Ron Domurat, 6.30 lbs.


Bonito         Mary Ann Angelone, 5.97 lbs., Kathi Pogoda, 4.46 lbs.


False Albacore, Kathi Pogoda 11.31 lbs., Paula Sullivan 9.99 lbs. Janet Messineo, 9.55 lbs.   

By dbalon on 10/8/2017 10:29 AM

Congrats to all our winners and everyone that entered the MVSA In-House! It is really great to see everyone out there during the Martha's Vineyard Bass& Bluefish derby but also to see all our members just having a great time together fishing, having mini cookouts, sharing some food and lies about where fish are caught...Ha!

Keep those entries coming!

MVSA Pin Winners for September

Striped Bass Janet Messineo-21.98 lbs.  (John Piekos, 15.05 lb. fish)

Bluefish                      Ron Domurat-8.17 lbs. (John Piekos 7.27 lbs, and Dave Balon, 4.22 lbs.)

Bonito             Dave Balon-6.89 lbs.

False Albacore          Dave Nash-11.17 lbs., (Kathi Pagoda 9.50 lbs., John Piekos 8.08 lbs.)     

All winners and runners up will be entered into the reel drawing to be held at our awards ceremony.           

MVSA Angler of the Year Standings Thru September

Cosmo Creanga                      15 Points

Jason Patterson                      12 Points

Ron Domurat                          12 Points

John Piekos                            10 Points

Dave Balon                             6 Points

Ed Amaral, Ralph Peckham, Tony Rezendes, Jim Cornwell, Janet Messineo, Dave Nash, 5 Points

Jonathan Cornwell                  4 Points

Don Scarpone, Kathi Pagoda 3 Points

Peter Johnson                         1 Point

October Leaders (not official until November 7, 2017)

Striped Bass    Jim Waring, 19.62 lbs., Ron Domurat, 16.55 lbs.

Bluefish           Brenda Beal, 8.35 lbs, Bob Beal, 5.35 lbs.

Bonito             Mary Ann Angelone, 5.97 lbs., Kathi Pagoda, 4.06 lbs.

False Albacore, Kathi Pagoda 11.31 lbs., Bob Beal, 8.11 lbs.    

Remember the MVSA in house Derby runs thru the end of the year!

Good luck coming down the homestretch of the Derby. It ain’t over til its over!

By dbalon on 9/22/2017 7:29 PM

A memorial service will be held for Jane Lison on Monday September 25, 2017 at 11:00 AM at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Edgartown. Jane was the wife of longtime active MVSA member Walter Lison. In it's early years Walter was a Vice President of the MVSA and instrumental in organizing our annual Awards Ceremony and Banquet. He also solicited much of the raffle merchandise. Jane could always be counted on to donate a dish for  the banquet as well as help out in the kitchen. 


Memorial donations may be sent to Edgartown Council on Aging, PO Box 1295, Edgartown, MA 02539.

By dbalon on 8/28/2017 8:45 AM
There are some great fishing reports in this month's August 2017 Newsletter! Check out the 40 and 50 pound Striped Bass that were caught and released by Cosmo Creanga...Nice job saving these precious fish!!!

There are also other plenty of updates on the MVSA In-House Derby standings, success in the Shark Tournament, latest standings for MVSA Angler of the Year and more.

Check out the full August report here. Just click on the link below:

2017 Aug MVSA Newsletter w addendum.pdf

By dbalon on 8/10/2017 7:49 PM

Check out the latest standings of the MVSA  for Angler of the Year. These are the standings as of the end of July 2017.

1. Cosmo Creanga                    (May-5, June-5, July-5)     Total- 15 


2. Jason Patterson                    (May-6, June-3)                 Total -  9


3. Ron Domurat                         (July-6)                              Total -  6


4. Ed Amaral                              (May- 5)                            Total - 5


5. Ralph Peckham                     (June-5)                            Total - 5


6. Jonathan Cornwell                (May- 1, June-3)               Total - 4

7. Don Scarpone                       (July- 3)                            Total - 3


8. Peter Johnson                       (June- 1)                           Total - 1

By dbalon on 8/4/2017 3:00 PM

The Boneyard presents

Dr. Greg Skomal

“Seeing Deeper into the World of Great White Sharks”

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

The Old Whaling Church

Main Street, Edgartown

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Suggested donation of $20 per person to benefit North Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

By dbalon on 8/1/2017 12:28 PM

We have just published a new beach update on our Facebook page.  We have most of Leland Beach open (small section in the middle is still closed to protect one last group of plover chicks).  Access around Wasque Point is still impassable due to erosion--it comes and goes almost daily.  The chicks at the Narrows just north of the Dike Bridge are 28 days old today and are expected to begin flying in the next few days, so that will be the next spot to reopen later this week.  Once that happens, we know we will be able to get vehicles as far as Aruda's Point but we still have chicks (plovers and terns) around the Jetties.  We'll need to see where they go in the next week but they seem to be spending more and more time north of the rockpiles at the Jetties.


“We have seen the second adult tern killed this summer on Norton Point late yesterday.  The adult Common tern was found in the vehicle track and had been run over.  At this point we cannot say if the adult was killed by a predator first and then run over or the other way around.  In any case we are heavily patrolling the stretch of beach from the eastern end of Norton Point to Wasque where there are several hundred terns hanging out preparing for their southward migration next month.   The Environmental Police are investigating the first tern which was  run over on Cape Poge two weeks ago.    They have also been helpful in convincing Cape Poge residents to stay out of closed shorebird areas.  I wish there was a way to convince beach drivers that these young birds really aren't vehicle savvy yet.  Any help the Surfcaster's members could provide us in reporting speeding OSV's would be helpful.  All we need is a plate number and we'll do the rest.


Chris Kennedy”

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