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By dbalon on 10/23/2012 7:49 PM

Biologists attribute the drop to weather conditions

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that the 2012 striped bass juvenile index – a measure of striped bass spawning success in Chesapeake Bay – is below the long-term average this year.

“While we expect large variation in striped bass reproduction from year to year and do not view this low value as an imminent problem, we will be carefully monitoring the results of future surveys,” said DNR Fisheries Director Tom O’Connell. “Three consecutive years of poor reproduction would be necessary to trigger mandatory conservation measures.”

This year’s striped bass juvenile index came in at 0.9, the lowest on record. Last year’s survey showed the fourth highest result in the 59-year history of the survey.  The long-term average is 12.

Click here to view the entire article.

By dbalon on 10/4/2012 9:28 PM
The following was reported by Dave Nash:

State of Massachusetts Office of Fishing and Boating Access has announced that they will commence construction of the Oak Bluffs fishing pier in 2013.   They will be going out to bid for construction services by the end of December and the bid award will call for completion by June 30, 2013.  We will have a kids’ fishing pier for next summer! 

There is also a great article in the MV Times by Nelson Sigelman, called "Pierfect" (October 3, 2012). You can link to that articel here and it is about half way down the web page.

Click here to go to the MV Times "Pierfect" article.

Thanks to all the MVSA members and anyone else that supported this project .
Special thanks need to be given to Dave Nash who was a leader in getting this project back in the mainstream. Without his determination and relentless perserverance this may not have happened. Great job Dave!!!!