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Chappy and Norton Point Beach Update from TTOR, 6/9/17 (Thanks to Chris Kennedy and Tony Lima)

Jun 9

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6/9/2017 2:26 PM  RssIcon

Message from Chappy Assistant Superintendent (Acting), Tony Lima:


We have some fresh and upcoming shorebird vehicle closures to let you know about. 


Starting from the Dike Bridge working north, the Swimming beach area will be closed to OSV traffic this coming weekend (June 10 and 11) from 9 AM to 5 PM.   Note:  OSV will be allowed on the Swimming Beach this weekend after 5 PM til the following morning).   The Swimming Beach will be opened 24 hours per day for OSV traffic from Monday, June 12 until Saturday, June 17 at 9 AM.  The swimming beach will be closed for the summer for OSV access from Saturday, June 17 until Labor Day.  


Staff have just found four plover chicks on the Oceanside between Aruda Point and the Narrows Crossover.   The Jetties North will remain closed due to erosion, and plover and tern nests on the eroded and narrow beach which prevents us from shifting the vehicle trail to avoid the nests.


Another area of note:   We have a nest on the elbow just west of the first crossover that is hatching today. The adults have been seen feeding on the bayside beach heading east on Cape Poge Bay.   To be in compliance with state and federal law, we will be closing the road to visitors starting at the Lighthouse on the inside trail.   The closure point at the lighthouse is to allow OSV's to safely turn around.   There is no additional publically accessible shorefrontage beyond this point along the inner trail to the closure line.  On the Oceanside, we will close the OSV trail  a couple hundred yards west of the chimney.  Thus you may still drive around the outside of the Lighthouse.


Wasque Point is still closed for OSV's to travel around the Point at the extreme southern end of the Leland Beach due to severe erosion.  However, this point appears to have been growing in size over the past few days.  Until it restores enough to safely allow OSV passage, it is impossible to drive from Chappy to Norton Point via the beach.  Finally, the outside beach opposite the Norton Point gatehouse is still closed for OSV access due to erosion.  You can safely access Norton Point via the inside roads.


Updated property maps are available at the gatehouses. 


If folks have any questions they should contact Tony Lima at or leave a message at 508-627-3599 and he will return the call as soon as he can.

All the best,

Chris Kennedy